Stage 2 is now open for artists

If you love art the way we do at ArterNet Art: then you're in the right place. We are dedicated to putting artists in touch with the business side of their art practice. You are going to love how ArterNet Art's platform will bring true joy to your work - an online system tailored to enable your art business and passion to thrive. We are here for you when inspiration strikes; when doubts creep in; when opportunities arise; even if life throws curveballs at you…we’ve got your back!

We will share our expertise at every step along the way - whether you’re just starting out or already well established. At the heart of our organisation, you’ll find a global community of like-minded artists, who want to support your work as much as they appreciate it themselves.

We provide tools to enable you to sell your art online through our platform and learn valuable marketing insights and strategies, so you are sure to be seen on all social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, Pinterest, etc, by linking them directly to ArterNet Art - where customers can purchase your art directly without having to leave the comfort of their lounge chair. ArterNet Art is committed to making it easier for you as an artist to succeed. Let's get started today by signing up: pay for one month now and receive 6 months free.

Build Your Business

ArterNet Art provides you with tools and coaching to build a thriving online business.

  • No commission on your art sales! Save $$$ each year
  • Monthly subscription, consider this your monthly rental on your very own art gallery
  • Accelerate your business, learn new ways connect with art lovers and promote your work

Focus on Creativity

With business taken care of, you are able to focus on delivering your best creativity.

  • Connect with artists all around the world, get inspiration and support from people who understand you
  • Learn the top techniques from other professional artists

Our Amazing Features

ArterNet Art is the product of out of box thinking and modern web development. We are building a world-leading platform for connecting artists with buyers and providing all the tools required to run your own art business. These are just some of the features we are bringing to you.

Pay No Commission!

We pride ourselves on the fact that we do not charge commission

Ease of use

Build Your Business Simple and Easy - We built one of simplest websites specifically with artists in mind.


Organise your art practice and art business, by developing your own personal Daily Method of Operation.

Control room

Access to you own back office, where you can conduct your art business in an organised manner. Send out invitations, connect with your fans.


Be in business for yourself - but not by yourself. Learn new ways to promote your art on social media.


Connect to a community of like-minded kindred spirits and be inspired.

So what happens in Stage 2?
We're on a membership drive!

Two options for artists. You can:

  1. Join now and pay no subscription fees until the Stage 3 launch to the public. (A few months away)
  2. Or, pay 1 month's subscription, become a Founding ArterNet Art Member (FAM) and receive 6 month's free subscription, from the launch of Stage 3 and enjoy your FAM status for life!

As an extra bonus, FAM members will receive our 'How to setup your Personal Daily Method of Operation' e-book. This is the first of many more we have in our 'How to Get your Art Practice / Business organised' series.


  • Our platform is designed with the artist in mind. Use it as your one-stop shop.
  • A fully functional back office for your art portfolio, your art sales invoices, guidelines for shipping, certificates of authenticity for your artwork and much more.
  • Use our ever evolving platform to present yourself as a the professional artist you are!
  • We appreciate your patience during Stage 2. Your artworks are able to be viewed, as you build out your portfolio, however purchasing is not enabled yet. You will be up and running when we launch Stage 3.


  • Our objective is to have a healthy Founding ArterNet Art Membership, subscribe today to secure yours!
  • You can also let other artists know about this once in a lifetime opportunity, to become a Founding ArterNet Art Member.
  • We want to open the site to the public with a full, interesting and diverse catalogue of artworks. We are using the time between now and the launch of Stage 3 to reach as many artists as we can.


Remember, by 'paying it forward' your contribution will make the lives of artists, like yourself, easier and more successful. We are going to make a big difference for artists who want to get the most out of their time spent in the studio and in their art practice.

  • 6 months FREE subscription from the launch of Stage 3 - you will not make another payment for around 8 months
  • Lifetime Founding ArterNet Art Member status - this will come with rewards in future as our platform grows

How to Join


  • Start the registration process, verify your email address
  • Choose your subscription option - One or Two
  • Create your artist profile and build out your online portfolio
  • You can suspend or cancel your subscription at anytime.

Option One

  • Pay nothing until the launch of Stage 3
  • Build out your artist profile and portfolio
  • Let the world know you are on ArterNet Art

Option Two

  • Just pay 1 month subscription now
  • Become a Founding ArterNet Art Member
  • "Wear" your FAM badge forever and receive special privileges
  • Get 6 months subscription for free after the launch on Stage 3
Stage 2 Offer

Bronze Monthly

Our Introductory Plan

$29.00 /month
  • Manage your art portfolio online
  • Up to 20 artworks for sale at any time
  • Up to 5 images per artwork
  • $5000 USD maximum price

You'll choose your subscription option after you have registered your account

Prices in US dollars