Stage 2 is now open for artists

ArterNet Art - Online Art Gallery - was founded in mid-2020 while the world was in turmoil and my own experiences with online galleries grew more frustrating. Huge commissions, pressure to discount my work and a lack of connection led me to think if I'm feeling this, other artists must feel it too and there must be a better way!

Now, in the post-COVID era, numerous acts of kindness, thoughtfulness and generosity, have inspired the development of this platform, as a supportive and inclusive platform for artists right across the world. Our team of passionate artists, web engineers and marketers want to grow a vibrant community where artists can not only sell their work but learn, organise and grow their daily work life in the studio into a thriving online art business!

So what happens in Stage 2? Crowd-funding!

Generally, founders of such a huge project scramble to find angel investors, venture capital or they go to the public at large for crowd-funding. Especially for websites that need to be designed with the capabilities we require, not only for artists, but for the art collectors and buyers as well. I've spent many hours brainstorming with colleagues and our web-developing team, we've come up with a concept that's been very successful for other businesses starting out.

We've opted to keep our crowd-funding in-house, to keep it amongst artists - our people - which means only artists who want to play a pivotal role and be part of this exciting new venture, who will in turn become our Founding ArterNet Art Members = FAM

We've adopted a type of 'Pay It Forward' system, which means you pay a one month subscription fee now and you will receive 6 months free subscription from the DATE we launch Stage 3 to the public, plus you will become a Founding ArterNet Art Member (FAM) for life!


  • This stage is only open for artist who wants to sell their artwork online!
  • You will be able to create your own profile page and upload your artwork. We've made it simple and we are here to help at every step of the way
  • We will use this time, between now and the Stage 3 launch, gather the largest group of artists and curate the internet's best art collection.
  • We envisage a period of 2 months or 500 artists registrations, which ever comes first, in this Stage 2.
  • Your artworks will NOT be open to buyers in this stage. And you will NOT be able to sell or market your page just yet! But, you will be up and running when we launch Stage 3.
  • What you can do is tell other artists about this once in a lifetime opportunity, to become a Founding ArterNet Art Member and enjoy 6 months subscription for free.
  • During this time, we want to hear from you about features and improvements you would like to see. We have a long development programme in front of us and your input, our artists, is valuable!
  • We don't want to open to our global buying audience with a barren site, no. We want to hit the ground running and it's imperative for the buying public to view and be able buy from a well seeded and populated Online Art Gallery and Community.


Remember, you are paying it forward. Your generous payment of one month's subscription gets you:

  • 6 months FREE subscription from the launch of Stage 3 - you will not make another payment for around 8 months
  • Lifetime Founding ArterNet Art Member status - this will come with rewards in future as our platform grows
  • Join at whatever level suits you, Gold, Silver or Bronze. You can change after the 6 months Free period is finished



  • Choose your subscription level - Bronze, Silver or Gold.
  • Complete the registration and payment process
  • Create your artist profile and build out your online portfolio
  • Don't make another payment until 6 months after the global launch of Stage 3!

Bronze Monthly

For artists starting out

$29.00 /month
  • Up to 20 artworks
  • Up to 5 images per artwork
  • $5000 USD maximum price
Most popular

Silver Monthly

For up and coming artists

$69.00 /month
  • Up to 100 artworks
  • Up to 10 images per artwork
  • 1 In Room visualization
  • $12000 USD maximum price

Gold Monthly

For fully professional artists with large portfolios.

$199.00 /month
  • Up to 500 artworks
  • Up to 20 images per artwork
  • Up to 3 In Room visualizations
  • $1 million USD maximum price
Prices in US dollars