As an Artist, Here is the One Event You Can't Afford to Miss This Year!

Yes, it's Your ONE and ONLY Opportunity to become a Founding ArterNet Art Member

Claim Your FAM Badge NOW

ArterNet Art has been formed to create one big Artist City and Artist Social Circle Community which will include Art Galleries, expansive "How To Set Up your Art Business" programmes and social hubs for Artists of all levels.

This is your Personal Invitation to join our 'Founding ArterNet Art Membership Plan'

Who we are

We're ArterNet Art, and we want to be your favourite New Online Art Gallery!

  • We make it easy for artists to streamline their art practice into a thriving online business.
  • Our platform will provide the tools necessary to get the job done.
  • We'll make available a place where like-minded artists can come together to be inspired, to be uplifted and to embrace differences.

We also aim to help make the world a better place for artists. To do this we have opted to keep our funding inside our own walls and not get lost in a sea of competition and you know how it is, sometimes you just need your own people around you.

By choosing to crowd-fund internally, we will retain control over our own destiny and will be able to use it on projects that matter most. Starting with this one!

'Our Founding ArterNet Art Membership Plan'

That's why we're thrilled to offer you, our valued member, six months of free membership as a thank-you gesture! This is an opportunity that shouldn't be missed, so take advantage while it's here. And don't forget this offer only lasts until we launch to our global audience in a couple of months time!

We believe our exclusive FAM membership is the right way to show our appreciation for you.

At ArterNet Art, we’re all about turning your art practice into your art business, and we’ve created quality "HOW TO BUILD YOUR ART BUSINESS" programmes that are accessible to all levels of artists, from the emerging artist to the professional artist.

Our future plans in the pipeline

Partnerships and collaborations with professional artists, multiple organisations who provide mentorship and art residency programs as well as a number of other initiatives that will streamline your art practice into a your thriving online art business. All the while creating a warm and friendly environment for our artist members to feel at home.

Claim Your FAM Badge NOW

To summarise on what an early subscription to becoming a FAM member will mean for you

  • Our Early Bird Specials: 6 months free subscription, from public launch date, stage three. At whatever level Bronze, Silver or Gold you choose to start with. Remember, we don't charge any commissions on the sale of your artwork and this will become your art business.
  • By registering now, you will automatically become a Founding ArterNet Art Member. Your special FAM badge will be permanently on your page, giving you a symbol of respect within the community and some privileges within ArterNet Art that no other artist will have.
  • Set up your art gallery page right now and use it as you would your very own webpage.
  • We will offer you a business management/structure style approach, the likes of which the internet hasn't seen yet!
  • A special invitation to join our private FAM Facebook Group

  • You'll have access to our dynamic marketing programmes, that are easy for you to grasp and to implement, enabling you to get your artwork in front of fans who love your work.
  • For around the price of a couple cups of coffee per week, you can have your own online art gallery business! Now that's something to celebrate!
  • Join NOW and be in on the ground floor!

"Collectively we can build momentum and camaraderie, keeping us together, not just for the short term, but for as long as you are a member of ArterNet Art.”

Our Exclusive FAM members group will lay the foundation and will be the corner-stone of our artist community, going forward.

Our 'how to' type programmes, will help all artist members succeed through collaboration, learning how to target your audience, how to make simple, effective videos and market your art exhibition/page in a cost efficient way on social media. Engaging with your fans, building an artist social circle and providing the supportive community we all crave.

Light in the darkness

When the pandemic hit in 2020, in-person art galleries and exhibitions were cancelled and artists careers were put on hold. We felt compelled to reach out to the artist community, many of whom were completely isolated

Join us as a FAM on ArterNet Art and become part of our global art revolution.

This is our place on the Net - we are a global community with a shared love of ART - where we connect, create and thrive.

Here's how it works :

  • Complete the registration process
  • Create your artist profile and build out your online portfolio
  • Don't make another payment until 6 months after the Stage Three launch to our global audience!

An early subscription to becoming a member of FAM offers you the opportunity to hit the ground running when we launch to the public and global audience in a couple of months.



  • Complete the registration and payment process
  • Create your artist profile and build out your online portfolio
  • Don't make another payment until 6 months after the global launch of Stage 3!

Stage 2 Offer

Bronze Monthly

Our Introductory Plan

$29.00 /month
  • Manage your art portfolio online
  • Up to 20 artworks for sale at any time
  • Up to 5 images per artwork
  • $5000 USD maximum price

You'll choose your subscription option after you have registered your account

Prices in US dollars